Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Evan's 1st Birthday: Part 1 (Dr. Seuss Decorations)

So I had an absolute blast making all the decorations and it was even better when it finally all came together.  Now all these ideas are NOT completely originally mine but hey if this party was going to be rocking I needed some help.  :)
Here is the book "Happy Birthday to You!" by Dr. Seuss and a little note to have everyone stop and write Evan a little note to cherish every year when we read it.  

The Cakes!!!  Made by Nina Dixon at Tiers From Heaven!

The cake table.

This was a bunting I made using Dr. Seuss book pages that I cut out and made into triangles and my wonderful best friend glued ribbon to.  It hung all the way across and said "Happy 1st Birthday" in Dr. Seuss striped lettering but the lighting in the window was so bad this is the only picture you get.  :)

Evan's outfit, big #1 balloon and birthday poster.

The kitchen.

The fireplace decked out with fun Dr. Seuss characters peeking around and some of the bunting we had left over from the kitchen.

My ribbon topiary.  This is SO cute but it takes FOREVER to make.  I made half of it and was going to give up but my wonderful mother-in-law came to the rescue and knocked out the rest.  I am sure glad she did because it is absolutely ADORABLE!  

Of course I had to have a picture of the birthday boy!

Fun party hats, including Evan's custom made hat by muah! :)  The other hats were just regular blue and red party hats that I glued Cat in the Hat hats on.  

This turned into the gift table once the hats were gone. 

Who better to welcome everyone to the party than the Cat in the Hat himself.  He was over 5 feet tall!

A custom made ribbon wreath with a fun whimsical "E" that I had to paint to go with the theme.  I almost didn't make this either, however I had the best help in the world and my best friend did it for me.  I am going to use this at every birthday party!  We used over 300 different sized balloons total, but it was so worth it.
The bar.  We had "Go Hotdogs" to eat on this counter.  (The food will be in a different post.)

(left)Thing 1 and Thing 2 cut out I drew and painted to have a fun way to take pictures of the guests.
(right)The balloons were also tied to cars so the little ones could reach them, push them around, etc. A lot more fun then boring old weights. :)
Evan's highchair decorated and ready for cake!!!

I hope you enjoyed all the decorations and felt like you were there to join us.  I had SO much fun being creative and making everything.  Check back for the next post on all the fun themed foods we had!

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  1. Awesome. Absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to see the rest!