Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Evan's 1st Birthday: Part 2 (Dr. Seuss Food)

Once again all the food choices were not my 100% creativity but some of it was! :)  It took time and effort but I think it made everything extra special. 

This book is not written by Dr. Seuss but it is a Dr. Seuss categorized book and it's Evan's FAVORITE! I know it by heart.  Pigs in a blanket or Go (hot)dogs!  YUMM!!

Pink Yink Ink Drink, also known as pink lemonade.  I also bought sippy cups for the little ones and cups with silly straws for the older kiddos.  All in Dr. Seuss themed colors of course.  :)

Blue Goo or blue jello with red swedish fish swimming around in there.

A cheese trees!  Need I explain?  :)

All the cookies were made by my best friend Candace.  They are the best cookies I have ever eaten!  I am addicted!

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue fish!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 cookies!

Cats Hats...little marshmallows on a tooth pick with red sugar.

Cat in the Hat Cookies and personalized Evan 1 cookies! :)

You can't have a Dr. Seuss party without Green Eggs and Ham or in this case, green eggs and bacon (which is ham)! :)  These were white chocolate candies, on top of pretzel sticks, with a green M&M for the yolk!  They were very addicting!  There possibly could have been another tray of these fabulous green eggs and ham however, I do like green eggs and ham I do like them Sam I Am!

The whole table with some added decor of books and activity blocks I made.  YUMMY!!!


  1. Everything is absolutely precious. What a great party!

  2. Love it!! Where did you get the red sugar squared that you put between the marshmallows?

    1. My apologies on not seeing this right away as I don't blog on here anymore. But the red sugar came from hobby lobby I believe and I dipped the marshmallow in water and then rolled it in the sugar :)

  3. Did you have to melt the white choc button a little to make it stick to the pretzels?

    1. Yes in the microwave about 10 seconds or so. Depending on your microwave of course :)